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What Else ?

The Art of Facilitation, with 28 Equine Assisted Activities. The book you need if you are an Equine Assisted Coach. (book)
  • Always have the right questions for processing the experience at your fingertips.
  • Always have a backup plan, incase the unexpected should occur.
  • See first hand, how to build and end your event for the optimal learning experience.
  • Be able to create programs to meet your client's goals.
  • Gain a Strong philosophy, knowledge, and understanding on processing any experiential program.
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Be a Leader in All that You Do
, A Self Exam of Your Leadership Effectiveness. (book)

See if you are ready to lead groups or have what it takes to be an equine coach. In this book, you will be the participant while experiencing the correct type of questions you will use while working with people.  Your group may be your family, church, business or clients. 

This book is also being offered as a tool you can use for your business clients. If you are interested in building your client list, or gaining a loyal following, your business information can be added into the book instead of mine and you can use the books in a variety of marketing techniques. Besides that, the more you purchase, the better deal I can personally give you. 


INFORMATION ON ALL BOOKS GO TO www.risingmoonranch.net 

Equine Assisted Services
Participants challenge themselves in activities with horses, which removes much of the stigma associated with traditional talk therapy treatment methods. Participation in this type of activity makes this treatment modality more interesting and appealing, therefore increasing the probability of having a greater impact. This approach has tremendous benefits on psychological health, and enhances resilience.

Resilience Training:
Whether you have been in the military or not, everyone needs skills to be more resilient. However, our military needs to be coherent on the drop of a dime. Their lives are at stake.  We believe, the HeartMath Resilience Training is the best resilience training on earth.  Learning how to cope with stress is what is needed. While the horses show you how you are reacting to the different situations that come up in life, The HeartMath resilience techniques offer the solutions.  If you are having a hard time with sleeping, losing your temper, anxiety, thinking clearly, and you want to be at peak performance no matter what the situation, HHAAF will show you what you need to know. It all has to do with being coherent, having your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul work as one. 

Military Yoga:
Military Yoga moves beyond traditional talk therapies that focus on the mind by bringing the body actively into the healing process.  This allows our warriors to cultivate a more positive relationship to their body through gentle breath, mindfulness and movement.  In addition, military yoga has been found as a holistic approach to help ease pain, stiffness, anger, night terrors, memory lapses, anxiety and depression that often afflict wounded warriors. 

Therapeutic Art:
Certified by,  "A Window Between Worlds,"  Art gives a person a way to express feelings that are sometimes stuck deep down inside, and gives voice to words that can not be spoken. It is relaxing and non threatening, offering an understanding of ones own being. 

One of the oldest methods of healing, drumming therapy is a sound, holistic treatment for PTS and TBI. It is also inclusive to many individuals because it requires minimal physical ability.  Scientifically proven to decrease stress.   

Culinary Therapy: (Coming in 2015)
Cooking together offers benefits to veterans, and servicemembers and their families such as an enhanced ability to plan and organize, time management, improved social skills, sensory awareness, attention and focus, and this allows the reconnection of a support system which is vital to the success of transitioning veterans. 

Climbing Wall and Low Ropes Challenge: (Coming in 2015)  
The climbing wall is a physical, challenge, and builds confidence. It offers a person a way of using clear communication, and getting their needs met. Besides that it is a lot of fun, and when dealing with survivor's guilt one of the possible symptoms of PTSD, having fun is something that is important to experience again after serving our country.

If you would like to support the programs, donate drums, or other items, please don't hesitate to call. Show your gratitude to our son's and daughters that have served our country, please donate what you can.


Winston Churchill was right when he said,
"There is something about the outside of a horse, that's good for the inside of a man."  and we agree!

                     Wolf by Charisse

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