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Healing Horses & Armed Forces

Healing Horses & Armed Forces is a program created to support the mental well being of our service members and veterans.  Transitioning from the military back to civilian life can be challenging. Although, our programs are for all military, you must have a support system in place in order to come to a HHAAF program. HHAAF is a piece of the puzzle in working out how to deal with PTSD, TBI, MST, or the transitions our military face. The HHAAF programs are one to multi-day.  The Wounded Warriors Project will provide 10 hours of resilience training with the horses to be able to open up, explore and re condition your ways of dealing with life.  
 Healing Horses & Armed Forces is 100% confidential. 


(paid by donations, free to Veterans)

Strictly Military

A program for veterans only, where men and women can relate to the experience of serving our country and work through the challenges they face with PTSD and the return to civilian life.

  Transitioning Couples

When husbands and wives get back from war often the hardest part of serving our country is when they return. HHAAF has designed a military Couples Program, that will enhance your relationship and get it back on track.  Reignite your love, and improve your listening and coherent communication skills. 


 Women Warriors

HHAAF has designed the “Women Warriors Training specifically to address the unique experiences of our brave servicewomen and create a safe space to foster positive female bonding. Men and women both suffer from the effects of trauma, whether it is combat-related, military sexual trauma (MST), or just the everyday stressors of military life. Like male service members, women are often reluctant to seek care for the psychological consequences of these types of trauma. Sometimes, female service members can feel even more isolated since they make up a relatively small percentage of the force. The HHAAF program uses the research-proven healing power of therapeutic equine-assisted services to help participants process difficult experiences, reconnect with themselves, rekindle their sense of empowerment and self-efficacy, and provide the opportunity to meaningfully bond with other servicewomen to build a solid support network. We combine what is learned while participating with the horses with the best resilience training available, by the Institute of HeartMath.

MST, is military sexual trauma. They call it rape by rank and 52% of women in the military have to deal with this trauma, according to Darrah Westrup Ph.D of the Women's Prevention, Outreach & Education Center
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