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Welcome to Healing Horses & Armed Forces (HHAAF) 


Rising Moon Ranch is the location of Healing Horses & Armed Forces. We conduct free equine assisted programs for veterans, service members and their families. 

We are located in Tehachapi, CA.  less than two hours from Los Angeles, forty five minutes from Bakersfield, and two and a half hours from Paso Robles. 

Introduction to HHAAF:

Healing Horses & Armed Forces (HHAAF) offers Equine Assisted Resilience  for returning military personnel through a growing modality for maintaining coherence and ensuring the recovery of servicemembers and their families. Horses are teamed with a licensed mental health professional and equine professional in addressing the issues our warriors face from serving our country. “On the ground” activities with the horses are designed to mimic real life issues. This allows the warriors and wellness team to “see” where the challenges lie and allows participants to find solutions that work. The participants quickly recognize unhealthy patterns, acknowledge their personal strengths, and enact new behaviors. One session in the barn is equal to five sessions “on the couch,” because participants are experiencing a new way of being rather than just talking about their issues. HHAAF offers programs that address the whole person with an integrated behavioral/based, bio/psycho/social/spiritual approach. Otherwise, a body, mind heart and soul approach. HHAAF was created to assist in the transition from war back to civilian life using some of the strategies taught by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. (EAGALA). In addition, HHAAF is a Premier Accredited Site with PATH INTL. Our founder, Charisse Rudolph is a licensed resilience trainer from the Institute of HeartHath. HHAAF is also working with service members from Fort Irwin and other bases in CA. We have created a special training for Women Warriors dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and Military Sexual Trauma.  

Our Mission Statement:

Healing Horses & Armed Forces is a nonprofit organization created for veterans, service members and their families that utilizes the human, equine connection for the purpose of improving the quality of life after and during service to our country.  

Our Vision:

HHAAF’s vision is to share our love and knowledge of the human, equine connection, and to put together a network of experts who veterans don’t have access to in other areas of the country. We envision a wellness center where veterans, servicemembers and their families can get support in their healing that is confidential. We also include other types of viable, non-traditional, scientifically proven therapies that compliment the human, equine connection. What HHAAF has to offer is uncommon and not available anywhere else in Southern California. By serving an underserved population in this way we solve a problem and fill a need. 


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